The Various Types of Origami

10 Apr

Origami is the art of folding a paper which was originally associated with the Japanese. A flat piece of paper is folded in order to make a finished sculpture via sculpting and folding techniques. The use of cuts, markings and glue were not acceptable but today they are allowed. In origami, there are various tools, techniques and papers. A lot of folders believe there are no tools which are supposed to be used in Origami but the bone folder tool and tweezers are of importance. The bone folder allows sharp creases to be made on the paper while the tweezers are used in making smaller folds. Various techniques such as the reverse folds, sinks and different papers are used in Origami. The following are the various types of Origami.

The first type is the butterfly origami. This is a good looking and well-designed flapping butterfly which is very easy to make. On only requires a flat square or rectangular piece of paper. The origami butterflies were originally used in the Shinto weddings which were used in the packaging of wedding gifts and invitation cards. The making of the origami butterfly has a very simple procedure which even a layman can follow.

The second type of origami is the origami frog. It is also known as the jumping frog. One is supposed to fold the flat piece of paper half sideways to make a rectangle. You then fold down the corners and undo this after folding the corners. Flip the paper over and fold the paper down at the point where the diagonals creases join. Flip it again and fold the two edges towards your body until they meet. Fold the paper up until the edge meets the bottom of the triangle. Fold the sides inward in order to meet at the center. Fold the papers upwards and then insert your fingers into the inside of the flaps and pull the bottom corners outwards. Fold the corners down and the bottom corners outward to make the back legs. Create a zigzag fold at the bottom and fold the bottom half up and the bottom quarterback down. Your frog is now ready.

The next type of the origami is the origami box. This is a small box made with colorful pieces of paper. The origami boxes are used in the packaging of gifts and storage of some small equipment, tools and jewelry. The origami containers and envelopes are made in ways which are close to the ones used in making origami boxes. These are the three main types of the origami.

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